Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope

Posted by admin on October 21, 2023

Stethoscope Brand3M is a company which was built on innovation. For more than a century, the company has applied innovation and technology to expand into a variety of industries, offering consumers high-quality and high-performance products. Today, from its headquarters in St. Paul Minnesota, it serves a variety of industrial, healthcare and commercial customers and consumers in just under 200 countries around the world.

In the healthcare industry, that same technical innovation can be seen in every 3M Littmann product helping to provide healthcare professionals with precision, inventive design and the best acoustic sesitivty for exceptional performance. In hospitals and doctors’ offices around the world, the 3M brand represents consistency, superior quality and value.

A product in the healthcare industry that 3M is perhaps most known for is their line of stethoscopes. Offering a variety of different styles to meet the needs of the variety of different medical professionals, the 3M Littmann line is perhaps the most popular line of stethoscopes in hospitals today. It’s 3M’s irrefutable commitment to quality and performance that allows them to maintain their dominance over the industry.

Perhaps one of the most popular products in their long line of offerings is the Littmann Classic II S.E. Stethoscope. As a diagnostic instrument, 3M is known for providing innovation particular when it comes to acoustic quality. As stethoscopes are tools which are designed to amplify sounds made by the body from the heart, abdomen, lugs and many other body sites, quality in regards to acoustic performance is perhaps what is most important.

Furthermore, as a stethoscope is used to detect essentials internal systems, such as fetal development and other important functions, you can never hear clear enough in diagnosing a particular condition or cause of discomfort.

Typically known for binaural stethoscopes which are defined as stethoscopes which are used for both ears, 3M continues this tradition in the Littmann Classic II by offering some of the best noise cancelling eartips in the business. Known as soft-sealing eartips, they are both comfortable in the ears for extended periods of time as well as extremely effective in preventing external noise from making it difficult to hear the sounds which are most important.

This is such an important feature as hospitals and the scenes of an accident can be extremely noise. Trying to find a heartbeat or monitor breathing can be a challenge without any background noise let alone if sirens are blaring in the background. In our hands-on testing, we found it to rival some of the best noise-cancelling headphones on the market. Because the soft-sealing tips do such a great job at really sealing out any external noise, the acoustics came through extremely clear.

Furthermore, we found the ear tips to be extremely comfortable. In our survey of nurses, EMT’s and doctors, they couldn’t speak highly enough about just how comfortable this particular model is especially on long shifts when they are constantly pulling the soft-sealing ear tips in and out of their ears.

Stethoscope Functionality

Apply slight pressure to change from bell mode to diaphragm mode

Another reason this is one of the best stethoscopes on the market today is because of its unique functionality in switching between different modes. Switching between bell and diaphragm modes is as easy a very simple pressure change on the chestpiece, meaning there is no need to remove, index and replace for same-site auscultation.

As you speak to more and more nurses and EMT’s in the field, one this that is repeated over and over again is not just how great the product is, but how long they’ve had it for. The Littmann Classic II has stood the test of time as have pretty much all of the stethoscopes on the Littmann line.

A net weight of 135 grams, it’s a little bit heavier than the Littmann Lightweight option but is still light enough to provide maximum functionality. One problem which is common among stethoscope producers is that the tubing wears down as it’s shoved into nurses scrubs and doctors pockets. With the Littmann Classic II S.E stethoscope, the resilient tubing folds tightly for pocket portability while maintaining its shape.

What Professional Should Use the Classic II S.E.?

It’s a pretty adaptable option which why it’s a great stethoscope for EMT’s, Nurses and Nursing students alike as well as even Doctors. All medical professionals alike will enjoy being able to identify, listen to and study the heart and other essential organs with the Classic II S.E. It really is a stethoscope for everyone and one which we highly recommend.

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